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Pin Grading Scale

Enamel pins are handmade items, which means they are very rarely 100% perfect! Pins are divided into two different grades, which are subjective and may vary from artist to artist.

Standard Grade Pins: Standard grade pins are close to perfection, but may still have some minor imperfections. Examples of these imperfections may include:

  • Small scratches, or textured areas on the metal or enamel surface
  • Slightly under-filled, over-filled, and uneven areas
  • Minor specks, dots, or bubbles on the enamel
  • Discoloration on the back of the pin
  • Slightly misaligned screen printing

Second Grade Pins: Second grade pins are sold at a discounted price due to more noticeable flaws. Examples of these flaws may include:

  • Large scratches over large areas of the pin
  • Noticeable stains on the metal or enamel surface
  • Oxidization of the metal
  • Unstable/wobbly backings


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